What Is the Safety Requirements of Frame Scaffolding When Erecting

The scaffold before use should by the examination and acceptance of construction site, head of the organization, and present the single fill in the acceptance of rear can use. In construction process should have professional management, inspection and maintenance, and regular settlement observation, found abnormal should take timely reinforcement measures.

Frame Scaffolding demolition, it shall first check connections and buildings, and the remaining on the scaffold material, debris and other clean, from top to bottom, according to the loading before, after the first open order, demolition of the material should be unified transfer or hanging down to the ground, step by step. Are not allowed to step down the method, it is forbidden to throw down or push (la) and fall for.

Take down the Frame Scaffolding,alert zone should be set up, and hold people alert. In case of more than 6 wind and bad weather, should stop Frame Scaffolding demolition work.

Demand of the foundation, the foundation is not normal, please use the controllable pitch base feet, equilibrium. The foundation must be capable of Frame Scaffolding and work under pressure.

Staff must wear a seat belt, structures, and high altitude work area around please install safety net, prevent weight drops, injuring others.

Frame Scaffolding components, accessories are strictly prohibited in the process of transportation, storage serious fall off, hit; Lap, tear open outfit, it is strictly prohibited thrown from a height, remove from down operation in sequence.
Using process pay attention to safety, it is forbidden to play on the shelf, put an end to accidents. 



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