What Are the Components of Frame Scaffolding in the Whole System

Frame scaffolding connection structure, including scaffolding, connecting rods and safety pin, among them with the top of the scaffold erection rod have connecting rod, connecting rod connection hole is open, the door of the scaffold erection rod has to match the connecting rods of the bottom connection hole, up and down the scaffold connection, connection of the bottom of door frame stud hole to match the connection rods connection hole, connecting hole interpolation has a safety pin.
The utility model has simple structure, easy to use, because the connecting rod is welded on the door frame with the top of the vertical rod, so will not be lost during disassembly, fluctuation scaffold after assembly at the same time.
1. The cross support
Cross sustaining is longitudinal connecting every two pieces of door frame type cross rod. Two cross bars in the central round hole is drilled, bolted, rotating for transportation and installation. Bar pressure on both ends of the flat part of the pin hole is drilled, assembled with the door lock pin lock on the shelf.
2. The scaffold board
Frame Scaffolding is a special hooks in the door frame on a rod with planks. Used in construction work layer, for the operator to stand, at the same time can increase the basic composition unit of the door frame stiffness. Scaffold board panel has several, such as wood, steel plate net, punching steel should have enough stiffness and anti-skid function.
3. The connection rod
Connecting rod used for door frame vertical assembly, fittings. When installation, door frame stud insert, on the connecting rod is composed of body and thimble, thimble by stamping or middle hole plug welding method and rod fixation.



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