Scaffolding Prop Advantages

We have emerged as one of the most profound manufacturers of Scaffolding Props in China. Basically seen at construction sites, all these Scaffolding Prop are widely used for supporting buildings and large structures. Fabricated from best quality steel, our stock of props is highly durable in terms of proficiency. With the World scaffolding exports Scaffolding Prop, one can reduce the cost incurred as these props are reusable and used to support formwork shuttering. As it has no loose part, the prop can be erected easily in short span of time. There is a threaded external tube in combination with an internal tube with intermediate holes in order to give the desirable extended size required by the application. These scaffolding props are considered as the ideal and the most economic method for supporting all kinds of formwork, slabs, beams, wall and columns. Due to their telescopic features and easy handling, all our props eliminate the labor work and the time consumed in cutting timber to length, wedging and nailing. We make available both heavy and light Scaffolding Props based on the application. 

*Easy to install
*Manufactured from best quality of steel
*Can be extended to a desired length
*Eliminate labor work
*Available in varied specifications
*Corrosion resistant surface
*Precise structure
*Rugged in construction
*Excellent durability
*High strength



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