Do You Know the Development History of Frame Scaffolding in the Construction

Frame scaffolding is named for its shape, it is widely used in the process of building engineering construction, frame scaffolding and now it is convenient to use, but in fact it is able to use in China, only three hundred and forty years, production development about it. This is the frame scaffold manufacturers to introduce the content of today.
Frame scaffold is mainly composed of main frame, horizontal box, cross brace, scaffolding, adjustable base, etc. Frame scaffolding first developed by the United States, it has the tear open outfit simple, bearing performance good, safe and reliable use, etc, are developing fast.   Since the 70 s, China has imported from Japan, the United States, Britain and other countries frame scaffolding system, and applied in high-rise building construction. It not only can be used for the construction of the internal and external scaffold, and can be used for floor, beam formwork and movable scaffolding, etc., with more functions, say again so multi-function scaffold.   In the early 80 s, some domestic and manufacturers begin to generic scaffolding frame, until 1985 years later, has successively established 10 frame scaffolding manufacturer, parts of frame scaffolding in construction engineering, began a large number of popularization and application, and by the vast number of construction units welcome. In the 90 s, this kind of scaffolding without development, applied in the construction of less and less, instead makes a lot of frame scaffold manufacturer no longer produce this product.
With the development of the technology, the frame scaffold is constantly being improved, and also more and more get the welcome of the market.



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