What Are the Components of Frame Scaffolding in the Scaffolding System

Frame scaffolding door type shelf, therefore is called the door frame, referred to as a door or gate type scaffold, also known as scaffolding of frame.

Frame scaffolding main parts is the door frame, cross support, connecting rod, hanging button scaffolding or horizontal planes, arm lock and so on basic structure, set up horizontal reinforcing rod, bracing, sweeping bar, sealing bar, bracket and base, and uses the even wall connected to the main body structure of a standard steel tube scaffold. The main parts are these doors scaffold.

Buy a set of complete frame scaffold, main is to see these accessories, door scaffold of the long history, is due to the scaffold before part name, each has a name, bring great inconvenience to the popularization and application of scaffolding. scaffold So far there has no uniform design and product standards, product specification is different, quality is not consistent.
Not only to bring considerable difficulties in the use and management of construction unit, is not conducive to popularization and application, at the same time, also brings to the construction safety hidden trouble. Identical part is very important, of the specifications of the components is very important also, specifications several production plants in China is not unified, a generic foreign product specifications, there is also a domestic research units designed a set of system, adopts the inch size, has adopted the international system of units.

Mobile scaffolding give full play to the role of the framework combination, stable performance is good, interlayer walkway level off, the whole structure is stable and reliable, operation environment neat and uniform. To ensure that products used for a long time without rust, products by the advanced magnetic antirust paint, both inside and outside surface processing, improve the surface corrosion resistance, prolong the service life.



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