Sharing Bicycle, Steel Demand Everywhere

Represented by mobike and ofo sharing bicycle taking place in every corner of the city.As a production and sales of carbon steel pipe, welded steel pipe, frame scaffolding,  galvanized pipe, seamless steel pipe and other products manufacturers, shinestar Group believes that sharing the popularity of bike across the country, undoubtedly  bring new development opportunities for the iron and steel industry.
China Bicycle Association official website data show that sharing bicycles have been put in more than 30 cities across the country.It is estimated that in 2017 the total  amount of sharing bicycles may be close to 20 million vehicles.So, 20 million sharing bicycle with steel demand is how many?About 300 thousand tons of steel  demand.This is just a conservative estimate, the current shared bicycle rapid development in all regions of the country, Actual market supply are likely to be far more  than 20 million vehicles, as a result of the 300 thousand tons of steel demand will not only such simple.More importantly, the current number of regional regulations  have been introduced,sharing bicycles three years forced retirement, which means that the share of the replacement speed of bicycles is much higher than ordinary  bicycles.Thus can bring the steel industry continued demand for steel.
Although, in the short term sharing bicycle market will not release a huge steel demand, but after all, to the steel industry has brought new demand highlights.Moreover,  in the production of bicycle needed including strip steel, steel, API 5CT tubing 10, frame scaffolding, high carbon steel wire, and many other products,therefore, sharing bicycle to  pull the steel demand is diverse.
On the current share of the bicycle market, is still in the brutal growth of staking period, the relevant supporting management measures are not perfect.Later, with the  completion of the relevant supporting infrastructure, these infrastructure will also bring some steel demand.
In addition, what need reminds is, compared with traditional ordinary bicycles, Shared cycling have higher requirements to the weight of the body, need to develop in the  direction of light-duty and facilitation.Therefore, for the steel enterprises, in order to fully share the sharing bicycle of steel bonuses, we must actively adjust the product  structure,actively develop many requirements of high strength steel strip to adapt to the bicycle industry, to meet the requirements of the sharing bicycle for lightweight  bicycle.
At the same time, in the sharing bicycle swept the country, sharing car model has begun to enter the Chinese market.Compared with the bike, although the car is  relatively small compared with ordinary cars, but as a steel monster, which brings the demand for steel is obviously not comparable to the sharing bicycles
Therefore, for iron and steel enterprises, this time should be good at seizing the new opportunities brought about by the shared economy,positive and related  manufacturers to jointly develop economic material suitable for sharing, promote shared economy become bigger and stronger,and then get a steady stream of steel  opportunities.Shinestar group will seize the opportunity ,accurately grasp the direction of research and development to create a better carbon steel pipe, welded steel  pipe, line pipe, galvanized pipe, seamless steel pipe, and other products, to seek better development.



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