Scaffolding Do's and Don'ts and the Best Practices For Erecting the Structure

Here’s a bitter truth – every year in the UK, a lot of people get hurt or die because of scaffold mishaps. However, with a little effort and guidance, such accidents can be prevented.

Wondering why it matters? 

*According to OSHA, over 2 million workers toil on this structure often.
*It has been estimated that if the correct instructions are followed, as many as 4,500 injuries and 50 deaths can be prevented every year.
*Preventive measures could also contribute to saving nearly $90 million!
*This is why it recommends proper training of the employees so that they qualify to recognise hazards and work safely.

Here goes a list of do's and don'ts regarding scaffold safety: 


* Ensure that the structure has been inspected by a qualified professional before using it.
* Put on a safety helmet or hardhat while working on it.
* Wear nonslip shoes.
* Keep a fall arrest system handy.
* Move around the structure with caution.


* Risk your life.
* Put more load on the scaffold than what’s recommended.
* Keep the surrounding cluttered with debris and equipment.
* Hit the structure with something heavy.
* Use it during harsh weather conditions.



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