Steel Scaffolding Planks Are Cheaper Than Other Scaffolding Planks

Steel scaffolding planks and steel boards should pass strict testing steel scaffolding planks, also called steel scaffolding planks, are a kind of portable new steel scaffolding. Foot pedal (ramp) is used in construction, energy, chemical industry, shipbuilding and other construction projects that is commonly used in construction equipment, it is a pedal instead of bamboo products, one third than the old steel scaffold board weight. In the construction site to fire prevention, environmental protection, more safe.

In the eighty s, the national construction project starts with steel and wood, bamboo scaffold board and wooden planks began to gradually replaced by steel scaffolding, the current steel scaffolding planks standards, is a former ministry of metallurgical industry of YBJ211-1988.

Steel scaffolding planks
A. look and welding requirements: with visual inspection by quality inspection personnel.
B. overall dimensions: use the steel tape measure.
C. raw materials requirements: each batch of steel scaffolding planks into the factory should issue the material report, or inspection report issued by inspection agencies.
D. the plate deflection: testing platform.
E. load intensity:
In 200 mm high platform laid 500 mm long L50X50 angle steel, steel scaffolding planks is the above, both sides of the center line on the upper surface of the steel ramp at 500 mm uniform 250 kg of pressure, keep 24 hours, to determine a central point of the deformation value, bending deflection is not more than 15 mm, remove after load, to restore the same.

Scaffolding planks are used in the construction site set up laying device for walking, must be strong and durable, safe and reliable, strong carrying capacity, and corrosion resistance, not easy to damage, long service life, to achieve the use of the site requirements, have a great effect on construction building. 



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