Three New Trends of the World Steel Industry Technology

Currently, with the development of a new round of revolution of science and technology and industry, the world steel industry technology development has a new trend accordingly. As welded steel pipe, line pipe, carbon steel pipe, galvanized pipe, scaffolding plank, and other products production services vendors, Shinestar Holding group have been focused on the
Firtly,steel manufacturing process is efficient, green and renewable
After the United States, Europe, Japan has announced that the iron and steel industry technology development goal will be efficient, environmental protection technology, the research and development should focus on the process improvement and development, which can deal with some issues, such as resources, energy, environmental protection and recycling, and to meet the needs of customers for product development and application of the technology research. Among them, the U.S. Implement carbon dioxide emissions by increasing energy efficiency; The EU has invested much in low carbon technology research; Japan implemented a harmonious environment of ironmaking technology projects.

Secondly, the steel material of high performance, low cost, high quality, close to the end, easy processing

In order to improve the competitiveness of the iron and steel industry, iron and steel enterprises are actively using the progress of the technology development of high technology content, high added value, low cost products. Such as high strength steel and high strength steel varieties, high corrosion resistance stainless steel with less nickel and molybdenum, long life, resistance to fatigue of bearing steel and die steel, which has the function of crack arrest the thick plate, and composite materials which adapted to different application requirements . And forming method and the progress of the technology will further promote the development of iron and steel materials, materials of high performance, multi-function not only puts forward higher requirements on molding process, the technology and application environment of the requirement of the matching and fusion is becoming more and more outstanding. Therefore, the future study of iron and steel materials, while fully considering the material itself more emphasis on applied technology and application of the coordinated development of environment and application conditions.

Thirdly, steel manufacturing intelligence and customization
At present, the world's advanced countries emphasize human nature, the safety management mode, realize the production of highly automated, in moving towards "unmanned workshop. Production workshop uses the information management system to digital, intelligent management and operation, the final development direction is less people even "unmanned" mode of operation. "Unmanned" workshop is manufacturing from traditional industrialization to the important embodiment of modern industrial transformation, the demonstration and popularization and application to enhance the overall technical level of the steel manufacturing industry has important strategic significance.

At present, the technology of the “Internet of things” and “Cloud Technology" has become battleground  of  steel superpower. Wireless sensor network, Internet of things, cloud technology development and application will also be one of the focuses of the iron and steel industry technology development. As a foothold in China, the overall service of global steel service, Shinestar Holding Group also will continue to enhance the level of iron and steel industry technology and research and development to produce more technical welded steel pipe, line pipe, carbon steel pipe, galvanized pipe, scaffolding, and other products, continuous efforts for the leap-forward development of the enterprise.



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