What Are the Good Security Features of Galvanized Steel Scaffolding Planks

1. The wooden plank is easy cracking, corrosion, easy to burn, prone to accidents. The steel sheet is rust, galvanized steel scaffolding planks has the advantages such as anticorrosion, flameproof.

2. Our company produces steel scaffolding planks has specification molding put convex hole, anti-slip coefficient is high, the effect is good. The scaffolding planks of stiffened plates on either side of the bow at the bottom of the planning and strong welding increased its strength, 3 meters long scaffold board, can accept 5-6 people stand together and not deformation, durable, say so many, people concern most is still the galvanized steel scaffolding planks safety features.

Galvanized steel scaffolding planks is shipbuilding, repairing yard and building construction works, installation company set up scaffolding supporting use of a kind of form a complete set of things. With light weight, corrosion resistance, high strength and good prevent slippery effect, shaping specification, appearance beautiful, durable (normal construction can be applied successively 6-8 years).
Our company produce of galvanized steel scaffolding planks sand hole leakage planning, the use of appropriate shipyard coating workshop. Use this goods, set up scaffolding steel pipe can be properly cut, and can improve the established power. Lower than wood, invalid after so many years still can recover 35% - 40% of the capital contribution strength, favored by the vast shipbuilding, petrochemical, well received by the construction industry to be used.

Follow ships of professional development, information about ship production demands is also more and more high. Obviously, of the data at the beginning of shipbuilding quality but also the stand or fall of all ships security functions, certainly cannot be careless. 



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