The Standard Sizes and Drawings of Frame Scaffolding

The frame of a standard scaffold by two pieces of the frame body, two diagonal member, four connecting rods, a hook of springboard. Frame scaffolding usage basically as interior decoration or simple exterior wall construction, optional universal wheel, moving quickly. Can be used to decorate and do support body. Gantry scaffolding the development experience for a long time.

In the early 80 s is due to the inconsistent specifications, caused a certain influence, there are some and domestic manufacturers began to generic scaffolding frame, until 1985 years later, has successively established 10 scaffold factory frame, frame scaffolding in some parts of the construction project, started a large number of popularization and application, and by the vast number of construction units welcome.   

However, due to product specification is different, different quality standard , use and management bring certain difficulty to construction unit.  
At the same time, because of some factory adopts the material of steel pipe and specifications do not conform to the requirements of the design, frame stiffness is small, weight is big, transportation and use of easy deformation, machining accuracy is poor, short service life, so that seriously affected the promotion of the new technology.

Finally in the 90 s, this kind of scaffolding without development, applied in the construction of less and less, instead many frames scaffolding factory closed or halt production, only a few processing and continue to produce good quality unit. Therefore, it is necessary to combine the construction characteristics, developing new type frame horse.



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Frame steel pipe scaffold safety management and maintenance technology