Safe Question When Using Scaffolding Tube in the Construction

Now many cities will pay attention to urbanization construction work, so a lot of areas will be rebuilt buildings, etc., and in the process of the engineering construction, are used to frame scaffolding tube, especially in the high floor construction, use scissors scaffolding tube can provide a lot of convenience for construction work, and the engineering team the shelf scaffolding tubes are generally used by lease, when to need to pay attention to some questions.
To meet the demand of the progress of the project work, the dosage is very large, and in the process of engineering construction is done in the outdoor environment, so there was a bad weather such as rain and snow, the easily lead to water and impurities into the scaffolding tube, the shelf time is long can lead to rack pipe corrosion, and so on and so forth, so on, need to staff pay attention to in construction after the end of each day, using the cover will cover of rack pipe, avoid the shelf is eroded by materials such as rain and snow. 
In the process of using scaffolding tube shelf, may because of improper use, operation or is caused by mechanical equipment such as knock against shelves scaffolding tube bending deformation, and so on and so forth, so this time will need to first rack pipe repair, and then continue to use, avoid because scaffolding tube shelf occurrence quality problem and influence on engineering construction work, these are the problems need to be aware of when working. 



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