The Standards for the Acceptance and Check of Frame Scaffolding

Frame scaffolding application in scaffolding industry the most common, Frame scaffolding, the final step in the process of acceptance is very important, is one of the most important in the construction projects, after acceptance of fully qualified rear can use. 

Building construction, inside another program is for the sake of safety, things only do meticulous, the frequency of the accident is reduced more than half. In order to ensure that you use in the process of frame scaffold safety properties. ADTO group below small make up Frame scaffold construction acceptance specifications to tell you about what are the requirements?

Frame scaffolding acceptance specification
Height under the 20 m and 20 m scaffolding, project organization, head of the technology by the unit security personnel inspect acceptance; Height is more than 20 m scaffold by engineering technology with the progress of the organizational unit in stages, head of the project director and relevant acceptance technology security personnel to check.1, the frame when acceptance of scaffold should possess the following documents:

The necessary construction design documents and assembly diagram; Scaffolding parts factory certification or quality grading qualified; Record and quality inspection of the scaffold construction; Major issues of the scaffold erection and processing records; The construction of the scaffold inspection report.

2, Top end Frame scaffold project acceptance, in addition to examine relevant documents, should also be on-site audit.

Selective examination should focus on the following, and construction acceptance report
Whether security bar whether complete, the fastener tighten, qualified; Safety net hanging and armrest Settings are complete; Whether level off solid; Even the wall bar set ever missed, if they are complete and conform to the requirements; Verticality and levelness is qualified.

3, the levelness of the scaffold frame:
Bottom step scaffolding deviation should be along the wall of the longitudinal level L / 600 or less the length of the scaffold. 



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