China's Steel Industry Account for Half of Global Steel Production

Recently, China Steel Association reported the operation of the steel industry in the first quarter of this year, this year is bettter than last year at the same period. It says that China's steel industry have good future. As a professional manufacturer of spiral pipe, spiral steel pipe, 3pe anticorrosion spiral pipe, pipe, scaffolding plank, Shinestar Holdings Group is actively developing.
China Steel Association statistics shows that in the first quarter of 2017 the average daily crude steel 223.44 million tons, equivalent to an annual output of 816 million tons of crude steel, which is higher than last year's. Thanks to considerable profits, March steel production gets a new record to 232.25 million tons/daily. At the same time, iron ore port stocks hit a new record too, iron ore port stocks reached 135.46 million tons till the end of March. The dependence on China's iron ore from January to March was 86.6%.
However, the first quarter not means the whole year, there are still many problems in the steel industry, such as high asset-liability ratio. In the first quarter, the average asset-liability ratio of steel enterprises was close to 70%. The problem of financing still not solve.
In 2017, China's steel is entering the time of "reduction of development". Which is great cash flow pressure for the high debt ratio of the steel industry. In this case, to help the iron and steel enterprises to leverage, reduce the pressure of costs has become a general concern of the community.
Rome was not built in a day. To know that the lever is not a day of power, not a year, it not only need the support of CBRC and various ministries and governments at all levels, but also the financial system assistance, the enterprise itself to take the initiative to leverage with the CBRC.
About the "land of steel" issue, China Steel Association vice president said that the provinces and autonomous regions have cleared the "Land Steel" enterprises more than 500, involving capacity 119 million tons. From 2nd to 25th on May, for the production capacity, the inter-ministerial joint meeting will arrange nine teamss to carry out special inspections of "land steel" clean-up, which will finish on July or August.
As a steel procurement providers, Shinestar think that the use of non-mainstream steel industry, non-advanced equipment production era has passed, and today, we realize that this is the key to China's steel industry from large to strong. In the future, we will continue to introduce advanced equipment to produce better spiral pipe, spiral steel pipe, 3pe anticorrosive spiral pipe, pipe, scaffolding and other products to promote the rise of China's steel industry and technological progress.



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