Function and Type of Frame Scaffolding in the Construction

First: door multifunctional scaffold: can according to the specific construction requirements, different team frame size, shape, and the bearing capacity of single and double row scaffolding, racks, sticks, material hoisting frame, climbing scaffolding, cantilever rack and other functions of construction equipment. Can also be used to build facilities barrack, tents, lighthouse and other structures. Particularly suitable for erection of scaffold surface and reloading the racks.
Second: its high efficacy: commonly used in the bar up to 3130 mm, weighing 17.07 kg. Whole frame assembled demolition speed is faster than conventional 3 ~ 5 times, spell quickly down the save labour, workers with a hammer to complete all assignments, to avoid the bolt operation bring so much inconvenience. 
There are several kinds of specifications, the door type scaffold height 914, 1700 (1 m 7), 1930 (933 m), etc., usually 170 suit. As for the weight, the best quality door type scaffold standard weight is about more than 80 catties. Concrete is a critical look at the specifications of the scaffold 80 a few jins, different specifications of the gantry scaffolding is probably 2-6 weight gap.
One, the process principle
1. The door is a major part of the gantry scaffolding, can bear larger load.
2. The bracing, scaffolding, connecting rods, arm lock is one of the frame scaffolding basic components. The connection between the door frame, used in vertical direction connecting rod and lock arm, used in scaffolding longitudinal bracing, scaffold board can have the effect of solid scaffold.
3. Adjustable base is adjustable from 200 ~ 550 mm high, mainly for the vertical height adjustment, it will be available each frame at the top of the regulation on the same level.



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