Galvanized Scaffolding Plank is Popular in the Construction

Galvanized steel scaffolding plank can be said that the construction industry, shipbuilding, shipyard and anti-corrosion construction, installation of oil platform construction enterprises to build scaffolding supporting the use of a necessary supporting tool. In addition to its fire, light weight, corrosion resistance, alkali and high compressive strength, beautiful appearance, durable and other characteristics, our production of galvanized steel scaffolding planks unique leakage hole sand trap characteristics, but also particularly suitable for shipyards Painting the use of blasting workshop.
These are the value of galvanized steel scaffolding plank, of course, far more than that. For the application of the enterprise, its value lies in its cost, security, and the use of installation. Specifically, there are several aspects.   From the cost point of view, it is much lower than the ordinary wood scaffolding planks. From the safety performance, it is anti-corrosion, anti-burning, and our production of galvanized steel grating has a standardized shape of the arrangement of convex, so anti-slip coefficient is high, the effect is good. Scaffolding planks on both sides of the I-shaped design and internal embedded ribs of the solid welding also increased its strength, 3 meters long scaffold board can withstand 5-6 people standing without deformation, durable.   I set the galvanized steel scaffolding planks easy to install, the same specifications of the scaffolding board, steel scaffolding planks is certainly much lighter than the wooden footboard, set up without two people carrying, and a person can take 2-4 tablets, greatly improved Work efficiency. High strength makes the number of scaffold tubes can be reduced.
Life is also very praise, the general wooden scaffold in the use of 3-5 times after the use of turnover, can no longer be safe for continuous use, steel net scaffolding planks is also easy to rust, easy to deformation. And galvanized steel scaffolding planks is not corroded without deformation, the normal life of 6-8 years or so. 



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