The Development of Japanese Steel Industry and Its Enlightenment to China

As a manufacturer of products such as frame scaffolding, welded pipe, api 5l steel pipe, galvanized pipe, seamless steel tube, etc.Shinestar group both the iron and steel industry and foreign steel industry are paid close attention to the domestic, we hope to get some enlightenment from it.Japan, for example, has undergone three stages in the development of the steel industry:
The first stage is from 1900 to 1945, Japan's military expansion under the influence of militarism,domestic industrial policy tilts towards the military industry, including the steel industry, which has led to rapid development of the steel industry.However, with the defeat of Japan in the Second World War, the wartime economic system suffered a heavy blow, after the war, the steel industry was almost paralyzed.The second stage is from 1973 to 1946, after the Second World War, the policy of "establishing a country by trade" was initially established,take the "lean production mode" policy, the steel industry miraculously achieved a revival.Japan has implemented the three iron and steel industry rationalization plan, while the country's huge production machinery and consumer demand for durable consumer goods (cars, etc.)has brought rapid growth in demand for steel products, stimulating the development of the steel industry.The third stage is from 1974 to now, the first oil crisis caused by the world economic downturn, to the development of the steel industry also has an impact, from the Japanese steel production in the process of falling into a stable trend.
Throughout the whole process of the development of the steel industry in Japan, the second stage is similar to the development of China's iron and steel industry.Before and after 1970, Japan and now China are playing the role of the world's core manufacturing system, compared to the economic situation of the two countries, we can find that the two countries have a strong similarity and comparability.The main characteristics of the steel industry in Japan are the large scale of the enterprise, the large scale of the equipment, the obvious industrial agglomeration, the active introduction of new technology and the transformation of the product structure from the low-end to the high-end.
We believe that the development of Japan's steel industry can draw some enlightenment, first is to develop a reasonable industrial policy.The government should establish and improve the laws and regulations to maintain the market competition mechanism.Through the establishment of market access threshold, the provisions of the new technical and equipment requirements, to promote the transformation of China's iron and steel industry to intensive industries, and the development of strict technical quality standards and environmental standards.Second, we will adjust the industrial layout.China's steel companies are mostly in the mainland, while the coastal areas of steel production capacity is relatively insufficient,to move from the mainland to the coast, from decentralization to centralization, the central and western regions should be combined with local energy, resources, environment and market capacity.
In short, China's steel industry should speed up the pace of industrial structure optimization, strengthen innovation and technology research and development.Shinestar group will make the corresponding strategic plan according to their own actual situation, the introduction of advanced production equipment and technology,develop and produce better carbon steel pipe, welded pipe, pipeline pipe, galvanized pipe, seamless steel pipe and other products,out of a road with shinestar steel characteristics of the road.



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