Women's Day in Shinestar

In march, flowers are coming out with a rush and vientiane update. In this vibrant beautiful season, the women's day come. With "Blooms Over Blooms, only to Shinestar beauty" of the women's day theme activities in shinestar group warm open.
The afternoon of March 8th, Shinestar women's Day campaign officially kicked off, hundreds of female employees to participate in a group of carefully prepared four-legged race,backword spanner, jump rope competitions and other fun competition.We actively participate in, enthusiasm, warm atmosphere, the scene atmosphere warm and special. Four-legged race PK,They were valiant and heroic in bearing you will not let me, I will not let you.Because backword spanner is a careful work, and wonderful game, the goddess second variable embroidered mother.Jump rope game goddess are energetic, the goddess of the normally mild-mannered people show their different style. At last of the game,hard work of the judges in the serious statistical results of the game.Group vice President Xi Chang Biao send the gifts to the winner,and happy women's day.
Shinestar focus on enterprise culture construction, think of each staff, encourage everyone happy job and happy life. Following the concept "Employees are essential”. Therefore, in the special day of March 8, Shinestar Holdings Group prepared a series surprises to female staffs for the special holiday.
The event aim to relax everyone and relieve the tension and heavy work pressure, female staffs said that it is a happy unforgettable holiday , it is cheerful that make them be positive and vibrant spirit into the job and life.



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