Features and Advantage of Scaffolding Plank

Scaffolding plank is a kind of construction tool in industry. It also can be called steel plank, construction plank, steel board, hot galvanized board and widely used in shipbuilding, oil platforms, electricity, construction industry.
Features of scaffolding steel plank
1.Scaffolding plank is used to walk through the scaffolding system or elevate the step on the scaffolding  more easier. 
2.Steel scaffolding plank is dip painted and welded with CO2 arc which  provide longer protection from deformation ,rustiness and corrosion. 
3.A heavy duty steel plank is with hooks which can make plank more sturdy.
Advantage of scaffolding plank  
1.good bearing capacity
2.durable & stable
3.easy to assemble & dismantle



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