Traditional Manufacturing to Inject

"The 13th Five-year" and "2025 made in China” made it clear that fully implementing  green manufacturing is one of the important ways to enhance the overall competitiveness  in our country manufacturing industry. By setting the fiscal and taxation to promote the  development of green economy, low-carbon economy, finance, price and other incentives,  encourage and develop high-end manufacturing.

However, compared with new energy, new materials, biological technology and other  advanced manufacturing,  traditional manufacturing tend to lack "green gene". Including  textile, ceramic, steel and other traditional manufacturing, high input, high  consumption, high pollution of extensive development pattern is still widespread.

As a member of the traditional manufacturing, Shinestar Holdings Group will actively  responded to an appeal by the government, combined with their own situation, fully  implementing green manufacturing, strive to research and development to produce more  "green" galvanized pipe, spiral welded steel pipe, 3 PE anticorrosive coating steel pipe,scaffolding prop , DSAW steel pipe and other products.

The CPPCC national committee, professor of Sun Yat-sen university school of management  thought, in product design, manufacturing, packaging, transport and use to disposal of  the whole production cycle, should encourage traditional manufacturing resource waste and  harmful emissions to a minimum, the highest utilization rate of resources, low energy  consumption, thereby lowering the production cost, to protect the environment. This is  also an important part of the supply side structural reforms.

You know, in low carbon environmental protection works the enterprise not only invest ,  no benefit. There is a dual relationship between production costs and benefits.  Enterprises through the low carbon operation can be successfully implemented cost  reduction, increased value enhancement, employee welfare, and protect the ecological  environment. At the same time, to further establish the low carbon environmental  protection operation idea and consciousness, construct environmental protection mechanism  of normal. Construct environmental protection mechanism of normal in the whole society is  a complicated system engineering, need to be based on the principles of sustainable  development, comprehensively review the green operation of the whole industry chain of  each link, can't attend. To set up each link in the whole industry chain to carry out the  low carbon environmental requirements.

In addition, promote green technology breakthrough, also need to increase investment in  technology research and development; Not only that, provide policy support measures, such  as, reward to promote enterprises, colleges and universities, scientific research  institutions is also important to increase investment in research and development of  green technology. In formulating and perfecting environmental standards, support  enterprises to participate in the international standard authentication at the same time,  also need to further promote the green process reform, from the production efficiency  improvement.

2017, will be a year which actively promote "green manufacturing", Shinestar Holdings  Group will also actively practice, starting from their own actual situation, fully  implementing green manufacturing, strive to research and development to produce more  "green" galvanized pipe, spiral welded steel pipe, 3 PE anticorrosive coating steel pipe,  large diameter spiral pipe, DSAW steel pipe and other products,improve the comprehensive  competitiveness of enterprises.



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