Chinese Manufacturing into a Deep Stage

Since modern times, manufacturing industry as the main force of the real economy has always been the basis of a country's economic development and prosperity. General secretary Xi Jinping stressed, the real economy is the country's capital, to develop the manufacturing sector, especially advanced manufacturing." Shinestar group as a manufacturing force, has been actively respond to national call, and constantly improve the technical strength, the production of spiral pipe, spiral steel pipe, 3PE anti-corrosion spiral pipe, large diameter spiral pipe,scaffolding plank and other products are also well received.
As everyone knows, efforts to revitalize the manufacturing sector as the main body of the real economy, need more strong policy measures and tactics". In the closing of the place has been NPC and CPPCC, to revitalize the manufacturing industry as the core of the real economy has become the focus of this work in various provinces and cities and maintain stable economic growth and putting the gun". At the same time to focus on new technologies, new products, new processes, new equipment, new models, new formats and other core elements, for the future to accelerate technological progress, enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises through high-tech innovation.
According to the National Bureau of statistics, the current new energy high-tech industries, strategic emerging industries continued to grow rapidly, and accelerate the conversion of kinetic energy, industrial structure adjustment, transformation and upgrading of industrial process to further deepen, clear signs of economic stabilization. In the provincial government work report, at least 25 provinces have proposed to increase investment in high-tech industries, as soon as possible, the implementation of the 2025 China manufacturing projects".
General secretary Xi Jinping has pointed out that the big data is the industrial society free resources, who mastered the data, who mastered the initiative. Today, the construction of the terminal + cloud industry big data platform, you can accumulate large engineering machinery industry data. Relying on this data platform, the service system can also be extended to the international market, in the competition with foreign rivals is not difficult to form a unique competitiveness.
The revitalization of the real economy, cannot do without full use of intelligent information technology strength, the traditional industries in the formation and integration of new energy and more to adapt to the new technology, new formats, new mode of market demand, improve product and service value chain, new vitality. To actively implement the development of advanced manufacturing, manufacturing intelligent manufacturing, strong industrial base, green manufacturing, manufacturing + Internet plus service, to promote the "manufacturing" to "made" and "create" upgrade.
Revitalize the real economy, in the final analysis is to revitalize the manufacturing sector. The revitalization of the manufacturing sector, accelerate the upgrading of traditional industries, vigorously develop high-tech industries, promote information technology is the trend of intelligence. Shinestar group will flow, and actively promote the "manufacturing" to "made" to produce more high-quality, spiral pipe, spiral steel pipe, spiral pipe, corrosion 3PE large diameter spiral pipe, double spiral submerged arc welded pipe and other products, for the real economy, the rise of the real contribution.  



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