How to Check the Quality of Scaffolding

1, the crack glaze
Scaffolding crack glaze is a common phenomenon. Crack glaze layer stripping off will be shown after the scaffold in the winter cold, and thus lose luster and waterproof performance. Check method is to look at the scaffold surface crack of fine as silk. After the heavy rain or flooding sticky dust more obvious.
2, water absorption
Scaffolding suction less is better. Water absorption amount of antifreeze performance is poor. Check method is relatively dry scaffolding and soggy frame scaffolding weight difference, is the water. National standard regulations, bibulous rate is 12.0% or less, 
3, comparative degree of sintering
The higher the degree of sintering of scaffolding, the more firmly. Method is to hear the sound of tapping, more metal sound when knock is ringing the scaffold, the better. National standard of the flexural strength of 1020 n.
4, scaffolding appearance
Basically see the consistency of glaze color appearance, roughness, surface gloss, smooth degree, the degree of sintering, on the back label trademark, etc. 



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