Features of connection and application of cuplock scaffolding

Scaffolding accessories resistant capability is strong, with new connections, new nut ensures that under the condition of the steel pipe has a deformation, vertical firmly fixed, cuplock scaffolding accessories have always been able to eliminate the possibility of steel pipe slip. 
Resistance to deformation ability: compared with ordinary steel plate stamping mobile scaffolding accessories, because of the craft that make different, break through the traditional stamping process the limitation on the thickness of the material and to 5 mm, completely can be used in the process of deformation, thus ensuring the product safety and effective use repetition.
Vertical lifting equipment such as derrick scaffolding accessories are also in the form of innovation, the well type rack for the development of gantry crane, rail type vertical transporting hopper, etc. Mobile scaffolding accessories and vertical lifting equipment is the general trend towards lightweight, high strength, standardization, assembly structure and multifunctional direction. The erection process will gradually adopt assembly method, as far as possible to reduce or fasteners, bolts, etc; Material will gradually adopt thin wall steel, aluminum alloy products and so on.
Scaffolding pipe used for building support, make many steel varieties and one of our most closely steel, as a steel-producing countries, about the people livelihood of the people improve the varieties of steel structure of the road is still a long way to go.
Mobile scaffolding accessories design problem and application of scaffold and formwork support collapse is the main reason of the instability, because many construction enterprises before the template construction, no template design and stiffness calculation, only rely on experience to support system arrangement, and make the rigidity and stability of the support system to consider.



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