The Construction of Scaffolding

We all know, scaffolding construction is working high above the ground, so there is a certain dangerous nature. Today, scaffolding manufacturer World Scaffolding will share some notes about the construction of scaffolding for everyone. If you have any requirements of scaffolding for sale, please contact us, we provide the most comprehensive high-quality scaffolding service for sale.

The preparation before construction

1. Technical staff should tell ll of people in scaffolding construction and site management technology and security real intentions. People who doesn't participate in that shall not participate in erection. Scaffolding construction staff should be familiar with the scaffolding design content.
2. Check, examine and accept the quality and the number of the scaffolding tube, fasteners, scaffolding plank, ladder, safety net and other materials, to ensure that meet the design requirements. Unqualified parts can not be used, if the material is irregular, scaffolding can not be constructed, different materials, different specifications of the material, structural parts shall not be used in the same scaffolding.
3. Remove the debris from the site, in the high slope erection, should first check the stability of the slope, the slope of the dangerous stones to deal with, and set someone to alert.
4. According to the height of the scaffolding erected, set up the site of the ground, and deal with the scaffolding base, place the release line by the design requirements after confirmed.
5. Confirm the physical condition of people who participate in scaffolding construction and on-site management, where there is not suitable for high-homework personnel shall not engage in scaffolding construction and site construction management.

Requirements of construction

1. Scaffolding construction must be in accordance with the approved program request, cutting corners is strictly prohibited, worker should strictly abide by the erection process, shall not be deformed or corrected material as a pole.
2. During scaffolding construction process, there must be skilled technical staff with classes guidance to guide the scene, and security officers should follow the class supervision.
3. During scaffolding construction process, it is strictly prohibited from top to bottom cross operations. Workers should take practical measures to ensure that materials, accessories, tools, transmission and use of security, and according to the scene in the traffic crossing, the operating site above the security guard post guard.
4. Scaffolding must be set with the construction of erection, a height of the erection of the wall can not exceed the adjacent wall (anchor point, etc.) above two steps.
5. Scaffolding construction, springboard, fence, even wall pieces (anchoring, embracing, etc.), safety nets, traffic ladder, etc. must also follow up.



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