Measure Names of Scaffolding

There are some measure names of scaffolding may not be fully known by people. Today, World Scaffolding will share the details about that for all of you. World Scaffolding is an scaffolding manufacturer and exporter for China, we provide a large number of scaffolding for sale, if you have this need, please email us.

1. The interval between connecting tube: the distance between the connecting tube of the scaffolding.
2. Vertical distance between connecting tube: the vertical distance between the up-and-down adjoining connecting tube.
3. Transverse space between connecting tube: the vertical distance between the left-and-right adjoining connecting tube.
4. Scaffolding height: the vertical distance from the base of the upright tubes to the handrail on the top of scaffolding.
5. Scaffolding length: the vertical distance between both ends of scaffolding upright tubes.
6. Scaffolding width: for double row scaffolding, the vertical distance between horizontal side of the vertical skin; for single row of scaffolding, the vertical distance between the outer upright tubes of the skin to the wall distance.
7. Step between upright tubes: the distance between the up-and-down horizontal axis.
8. The interval between upright tubes: axis distance between adjoining upright tubes of scaffolding.
9. Longitudinal distance: the vertical distance between the upright tubes of scaffolding.
10. Transverse space between upright tubes: the horizontal spacing of the scaffolding upright tubes, single row scaffolding for the external pole axis to the wall distance.
11. Master Node: closely buckle contact of three bar, pole, vertical horizontal bar, horizontal horizontal bar.
12. Operation-level: scaffolding layer for worker on top.



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