Design Requirements of Scaffolding

World Scaffolding as a scaffolding manufacturer that has many years to produce scaffolding tubescaffolding plank and other scaffolding accessories, and provides all kinds of scaffolding for sale, will share the design requirements of scaffolding for everyone.

The basic requirements

1. Important scaffolding must formulate construction programs, if it is necessary, security measures must be formulated.
2. Scaffolding with a height of 25m or more must use Fastener-style Steel Pipe Scaffolding, the single pole scaffold height should be controlled within 50m. The scaffolding that height is more than 50m should adopt double-tube pole, wire rope cable, sub-unloading and other effective measures , and it needs to be specially designed specifically.
3. Scaffolding design should meet the needs of the project, and indicate its use, the maximum static load, the maximum dynamic load and the level of force, etc.. The selected design parameters and components, are not less than the existing national and industry-related safety technical specifications standard.
4. If the scaffolding in the construction needs to change the original structure, add height (width), change it purpose and other circumstances, which needs technical departments to verify and approved.

Technical requirements

Materials used for scaffolding tube should meet the following requirements:
1. The outer diameter of scaffolding tube should be 48 ~ 51mm, wall thickness of 3 ~ 3.5mm, length of 2.1 ~ 2.8m and 4 ~ 6.5m is appropriate, scaffolding tube with serious corrosion, bending, cracks, damage shall not be used.Materials used for scaffolding tube should meet the following requirements:
2. Fastener should be qualified to prove that the factory, where the crack, deformation, slip wire can not be used.
3. Steel scaffold plank should be thick 2 ~ 3mm No 3 steel plate, and length 1.4 ~ 3.6m, width 23 ~ 25cm, rib height 5cm is appropriate, both ends should have a connection device, the board has anti-slip hole, where There are cracks, twisted not to use.
4. Space between scaffolding of the pole and the size of the bar spacing should be determined according to the use of scaffolding specific, but is not more than the following values:
    Horizontal pole: 1.5m
    Vertical pole: 2.0m
    Large crossbar: 1.2m
    Small crossbar: 1.5m
    Small bar to pick out the cantilever length 0.45m
5. The slope of slope board and the springboard shall not be greater than 1: 3, the width of that is not less than 1.5m.
6. Wooden bar: wire with 8 #.



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