The Classification of Scaffolding

Scaffolding are a variety of stents those erected for workers to operate and solve the the vertical and horizontal transport on construction site, it is a class of architectural terminology, and it is a modern construction industry that widely used in a class of devices. Scaffolding is actually very rich in the type, generally according to different classification, the type of which is different.

1. According to the material of the bar:

(1) Single gauge steel pipe scaffolding, it uses only one kind of scaffolding tube. (2) Scaffolding combined A variety of specifications scaffolding tube. It consists of two or more different specifications of scaffolding tube, such as frame scaffolding. (3) Steel-based scaffolding. That means the main of scaffolding is steel pipe, and supplemented by other types of steel rods, such as inside wall scaffolding with trough or pedestal, projecting scaffolding with connecting steel plate.

2. According to the fixed way and installation location of connection parts:

(1) Fixed distance connection: that is, the joint welding pieces on the bar from the set point, the length of the bar shape, the connection point spacing shape. (2) Distance from the link: the link is a single piece, through the tightening bolts can be held in any part of the bar.

3. According to the workers fixed point of the work division

(1) Insert and hit tight. (2) Tighten the bolts.

Features of scaffolding

Different types of construction use different scaffolding and template stent, different types of scaffolding has its different advantages and disadvantages.

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