Material Requirements of Scaffolding

Scaffolding is widely used for construction industry, there are many material requirements of scaffolding we should meet. Today, WORLD SCAFFOLDING will share that for all of you, including scaffolding tube, fastener and so on. WORDL SCAFFOLDING is an scaffolding provider and exporter in China that provides number of scaffolding for sale, if you have demands, you can contact us with email or call.

1. The outer diameter of scaffolding tube should be 48 ~ 51mm, the wall thickness of scaffolding tube should appropriately be 3 ~ 3.5mm, length of 4 ~ 6.5m and 2.1 ~ 2.8m, the scaffolding tube with serious corrosion, bending, cracking, damage should not be used.
2. Fastener must be with factory certificate, fastener with crack, deformation, slip wire can not be used.
3. Steel scaffold should adopt No 3 steel plate with thick 2 ~ 3mm, length 1.4 ~ 3.6m, width 23 ~ 25cm, rib height 5cm is appropriate, both ends should have a connection device, the board has anti-slip hole, steel plate with cracks, twisted can not be used.
4. Wire: 8 # ~ 10 # wire.
5 Rope used for soft ladder: hemp rope or brown rope, the diameter of that should be more than ф30 , the bearing capacity of that should meet the requirements.
6. It is strictly prohibit using wooden bar and wooden footboard.



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