Construction safety management: the ways to improve the level of scaffolding engineering technology and management

Construction safety management: the ways to improve the level of scaffolding engineering technology and management
In particular, reflected in the following seven aspects:
(1) as the top of a host and difficult construction, multi-storey building scaffold architecture has already can't adapt to and meet the construction requirements, not only on the experience of the workers to build, must strict design calculation, and make the staff to master the technology and construction requirements, to ensure safety.
(2) for the first time to use, there is no precedent of high, difficult, a new scaffold, on the basis of the careful design, still need to make the necessary load test, test its bearing capacity and safety reserve, after to ensure reliable to use.
(3) for tall, tall, large-span building and have other special requirements of scaffolding, because in the safety protection requirements increase, therefore, must be taken into consideration seriously.
(4) construction scaffolding the development of the functional performance of the bearing and deformation (such as make formwork support frame, and at the same time under the effect of vertical and lateral load) put forward the higher request, must be considered.
(5) to improve the comprehensive management level requirements, in addition to technical reliability and safety guarantee, consider the turnover of progress, efficiency, material consumption and comprehensive management requirements.
6 for erection tools already behind or with poor renovation and update requirements.
All landowners construction scaffolding variety, according to its USES structure frame and decorative frame. According to the parts especially racks and shelves -- outside the frame and floor rack, hanging rack, hanger, pick. According to the material steel, bamboo and wood frame, steel frame and steel frame, door, bowl type aircraft type.
No matter what kind of the role of shelf to meet construction workers different parts at high altitude, and ensure safety.
What kind of scaffolding in construction from set out actually, according to the size, the structure form of quantities, decorate a requirement, geographical environment, time limit, frame materials, component size, machinery equipment, labor, technology conditions and site conditions and cooperate with the type of work, and so on and so forth determination by the types of scaffolding, the erection sequence and method.
No matter what kind of scaffold erection, the basic principles of the preparation of construction scheme and key points are the same.



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