Construction safety management: the erection of scaffolding

Construction safety management: the erection of scaffolding
(1) on the laying of the operational layer scaffold board must establish skirting board, skirting board which USES wood and paint besmear brushs eye-catching red and white interval safety, height is not less than 180 mm.
(2) the outer scaffold erection process, must strictly in accordance with the provisions, the structure of the scheme and size for the erection, and Rachel and structure in time, ensure the safety of the erection process.
(3) the erection shall, from time to time, in the process of vertical and horizontal deviation correction link, avoid excessive deviation.
(4) small bar, authors should be perpendicular to the ledger, small on both ends of the bar should be stretched out big bar above 10 cm.
(5) connected to the main rail fastener docking, opening should be toward the shelf inside, bolt up, cross fasteners shall not make opening downwards, bolts should be moderately tight.
(6) bracing continuously from floor to decorate, bracing at the ends of the fastener from the adjacent points is not greater than 20 cm.
(7) should be set-up progress along with the frame body, timely follow up completes the safety net, scaffolding and other security protection facilities of hanging and nail.



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