Housing construction project: the characteristic and the scaffold

Housing construction project: the characteristic and the scaffold
And scaffolding and called every scaffold, is a kind of scaffolding scaffolding construction process. Density and relative to other scaffolding scaffolding system, namely which full house. The scaffold and the scaffold relative to other more solid.
The characteristics of
And the scaffold is mainly used for single factory building, exhibition hall, gymnasium, etc. The height, width and large building at the top of the decoration construction. By the vertical rod, bar, rod, scissors, etc.
After use and scaffolding, 3.6 meters above the interior wall decoration not calculated the scaffold, and the interior wall masonry scaffolding as stipulated in the scaffold in the calculation.
And scaffolding used depends on the height of the casing under the clear height of 3.6 M, no matter which kind of decoration, ceiling adopts are calculated not decorate the scaffold.
The shed clear height between 3.6 M and 5.2 M, the adornment of the ceiling scaffolding calculated on this layer and the scaffold quota, shed clear height of 5.2 M in the day, the adornment of the ceiling of scaffolding to compute basic layer and add two quota project.
For common cast-in-situ concrete beam slab, template underside in actual construction process of steel tube and fasteners for formwork support, not a bunch of scaffolding. Calculation of beam slab structure of the scaffold of quantities should be according to the rules to distinguish the column and beam component calculation and apply appropriate scaffold quota.
Calculation method
Interior ceiling decoration (including smooth white) and scaffolding, calculated on indoor net area, namely the interior structure net long multiplied by the width of an area computation, attached to the wall column, crib, in-house independent column size will not be deducted.
And the scaffold = indoor net net length by the width of quantities.



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