Housing construction project: scaffolding, technical requirements

Housing construction project: scaffolding, technical requirements
1, no matter what type of erection of scaffolding, scaffold material and used in the processing quality, must conform to specified requirements is absolutely forbidden to use unqualified erection of scaffold materials, in case of accident.
2, general scaffolding must be scaffolding set-up, security technology operating rules for height more than 15 m or more tall scaffolding, must have the design, calculation and detailed, the erection scheme, technical director at the next higher level for examination and approval, have a written safety technical clarificaiton, before the erection.
3, risk for large and special crane, pick, hang, socket, stacking shelves must also pass design and the examination and approval. Prepare a separate safety technical measures, to the erection.
4, after the construction team to accept tasks, must organize personnel, carefully grasp the scaffold, special safety construction organization design and safety technical measures clarificaiton, discussion the erection method, and good technology, experienced technical personnel is responsible for the erection of technical guidance and supervision.



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