Housing construction project: frame scaffolding to dismantle the point

Housing construction project: frame scaffolding to dismantle the point
1) the preparing work before dismantling scaffolding: comprehensive review scaffolding, focusing on fasteners connecting fixed, such as supporting system meets the safety requirements. According to the test results and field situation and prepare the demolishing scheme and the department for approval. Technical clarificaiton. According to the demolition of the scene of the situation, fences or warning signs, there and watch. Retained in the removal of scaffolding materials, wires and other sundry.
2) the demolition of frame work areas, prohibit the operation personnel to enter.
3) before disassembly, shall have the site construction manager's approval formalities, specialist command is required when open shelves, do echo, up and down movement coordination.
4) after dismantling order should be raised parts, first raised parts before, it is forbidden to use pushed or pulled down the demolition of practice.
5) fixed pieces should be as scaffolding removed one by one, when the demolition to the last section riser, should look after the erection of temporary support reinforcement, can tear open fixed and support.
6) dismantling scaffolding parts should be shipped to the ground, casting are strictly prohibited from the air.
7) to the scaffolding components of the ground, should be timely cleaning and maintenance. According to the need to besmear brushs antirust paint, and warehouse piled up according to the varieties, specifications.



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