Housing construction project: frame scaffolding requirements

Housing construction project: frame scaffolding requirements
1, frame scaffolding foundation must be solid, and should do well in drainage slope, in case of water.
2, frame scaffolding, order: basic preparation to put plate, put the base - vertical two common single door frame and install the crossbar to install scaffolding, on this basis, repeat install door frame and cross bar, scaffold board process.
3, frame steel pipe scaffold should start at one end to the other end of the set-up, shangbu scaffold should be done in the next step after the completion of the scaffold erection. The erection direction contrary to the next step.
4, frame scaffold erection, should first base in the endpoint insert two common door frame, and then fitted with fixed cross rod, lock the lock plate, and then after the erection of the door frame, each cross, cross rod and locks fitted immediately.
5, the scaffold must be set with reliable link building.
6, the outer edge of the frame steel pipe scaffold bracing should be set up, the vertical and longitudinal shall be set up in a row.



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