Why Choosing the Steel Scaffolding Plank Material

Galvanized steel scaffolding planks for use of the effect is very good, can be in many construction sites are now can see, they are can be repeated use, can no longer use after also can be recycled, so it can be effective to protect our limited resources, and they use the effect is very good.
Galvanized steel scaffolding planks he is can be used in the construction industry and the anticorrosion construction, shipbuilding, ship repairing industry, oil platform installation enterprise construction projects to build scaffolding used one of the indispensable supporting tools. It besides has the fire, light weight, corrosion resistance, alkali resistance and high compressive strength, good appearance, durable and other characteristics, our company production of galvanized steel scaffolding planks peculiar Saudi deposition prevention, sand hole and is especially suitable for the use of coating sand workshop shipyard.
The use function of the galvanized steel scaffolding planks is very broad, his main can be used to protect the safety of construction workers, ensure they are effective when working at height, ensure their safety. Steel ramp on time is the quantities used in construction, wastage is very big, generally a scaffolding planks use soon will be discarded, use fixed number of year is very short. But the scaffolding planks for high strength steel, no corrosion no deformation, normal life in about 6 to 8 years.
Compared with other scaffolding planks, steel scaffolding plank catwalk for a lot of advantages, the biggest advantage is specification in management, because the wooden planks, disadvantages of the stencil scaffold board and has gradually can not adapt to the scale of enterprise management mode. The use of high strength steel scaffolding planks has become a shipbuilding enterprises at home and abroad and a trend of the construction and installation industry.



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