Shinestar Summer Activities

In the summer season, Shinestar Holdings Group ushered in the hot summer tour in 2017. In the first quarter of this year, Shinestar Holdings Group has a good start and impressive performance, in order to encourage the team to make persistent efforts, and further strengthen the spirit of teamwork between employees, Shinestar organized this "Creating Success, Sharing Shinestar" group activities.
"Creating success, sharing Shinestar", we are an invincible team!
CEO Wang's speech before activites.

In the group activities, Shinestar arranged a series of challenging and interesting activities, including: challenge NO.1, Running Man, decisive battle, summed up the floor, camping and so on. The whole journey is full of laughter, everyone have courage to face, but also the enjoy the cooperation by the harvest. Everyone in the activities of constantly challenge themselves, overcome difficulties, try new things, to achieve the self of transcendence.
COME ON, we are powerful.
You are the most beautiful clouds.
Passing is a pleasure, also it is a trust!

In the intense team competition, we have come up with all ability, members of the active fight, close collaboration, the group members also become more tacit understanding and harmony. We understand that we want to get the final victory, we must fight side by side, hand in hand, also for life and work.
The corporate purpose is accessibility of communication, mutual understanding and trust, the achievements of a harmonious and mighty team, but also the achievements of the Shinestar brand legend! Through the mission, Shinestar people will have more profound understanding and experience on the "team", I believe in the future, they will be more full of spirit and state. At the same time, but also stimulate the Shinestar people continue to struggle determination, to build a hundred years benchmarking business goals.



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