Scaffold Plank Provider Tells You the Ways to Erect Scaffolding at High Level

(1) steel scaffold planks providers say to build high-level scaffolding, the use of a variety of materials are required to meet the quality requirements. 

(2) high-level scaffolding planks base must be solid, erection before the calculation to meet the load requirements, according to the construction specifications erection, good drainage measures. 

(3) scaffolding erection technical requirements should be consistent with the relevant provisions of the specification. 

(4) must attach great importance to a variety of structural measures: scissors, pull knot points, etc. should be set as required. 

(5) Horizontal closed: from the first step, every step or two steps, full of scaffolding or foot fist, scaffold along the long laying, joints should be placed on a small cross bar, And in the pole between the pole and the wall between the four steps to lay the whole safety of the bottom of the fence. 

(6) vertical closure: from the second step to the fifth step, each step are required in the row of the pole on the side of the set 1.00m high protection of the railing and foot or set the network, protective rod (net) and pole ; Above the fifth step in addition to the protection of the bar, should be set up all security fence or security legislation network; in the street or residential areas, should be from the second step, the outside of all security or security legislation. 

(7) disc scaffolding erection should be higher than the top of the building or operating surface 1.5m or more, and add a fence.

(8) erected scaffolding on the steel pipe, fasteners, scaffold and connection points are not allowed to remove. Construction, if necessary, must be agreed by the person in charge of the site, and take effective measures, the process is completed immediately after the resumption.



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