One Belt ,One Road has steadily landed in Europe, effectively easing the integration dilemma

As a DSAW steel pipe, scaffolding plank, and other  production services vendors, Shinestar Holding Group thinks, "One Belt And One Road"  initiative will bring the win-win of economic development, help to resolve the political and economic challenges facing Europe, will effectively ease the plight of the European  integration.

Needless to say, the cooperation between China and Europe in the area of "One Belt , One Road" is the first economic win-win. The "One Belt , One Road" construction mainly  consists of two parts: a huge infrastructure and a huge trade. This will greatly promote economic development in countries and even Europe.

Secondly, the success of China-EU cooperation in building the “One Belt , One Road “will help defuse the political and economic challenges facing Europe, especially the  European Union. If the effective solution to ease economic problems or help to improve the cohesion and legitimacy of European Union, , and promote the unity and stability, the  European political integration difficulties will also ease. On the Chinese side, because the EU has become a closer community of Shared destiny, there is also a direct desire  and impetus to support the unity of the European Union with concrete actions.

Thirdly, the promotion and success of “One Belt , One Road” will change the pattern of world civilization. Each core have Europe, Europe will also play an important role, so  as to make the European in the global position and role of higher, its geopolitical weight will get more ascension.

In particular, Europe and China have no geopolitical conflict, even if China become the world's largest economy soon, won't be challenge and threat to Europe. Instead, as long  as Europe captures the historical opportunity of China's rise, its global position will be rising, not falling.

Fourthly, "One Belt , One Road" go through the land of many less developed countries, "One Belt , One Road" construction will promote the development of their economy, improve  the living standard of the locals. Economic development must bring stability and a peaceful living environment, helping to reduce the pressure of refugees in the world,  especially in the west. On the other hand, economic development is conducive to improving the security environment in Europe.

Fifthly, Britain from the European Union last year, Trump was elected President of the United States. In this big background, the local populism rapid rise of Europe,  globalization and free trade faces enormous challenges. This time China and Europe jointly push for "One Belt , One Road" to help counter populism in Europe and the US.

“One Belt ,One Road” will create a new economic engine in the world. This is not only conducive to the smooth operation of the global economy, but also the effective  protection against the frequent economic crisis, which will help the globalization not be stalled and reversed. Shinestar Holding Group would under the circumstances of  globalization, seize the opportunity, marke efforts to develop themselves, research and development to produce better carbon steel pipe for China's economy and the world economy  brings new development momentum.



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