Scaffolding Planks Application in the Marine Facilities and Construction

Scaffolding Planks Application in the Marine Facilities and Construction
Now with the continuous development of major ports, demand for ships is becoming more and more big, and for marine facilities and construction, and other requirements are also increasing. So the ship construction in various materials, facilities are in constant improvement, better material selection.
In ship construction, there is a kind of tool is cannot little, that is steel plank. Plank is used for plate and steel plate connection, adjust the width at the bottom of the platform of the ringlock scaffolding, for the workers walk or handling materials etc .
Marine steel and ordinary steel scaffolding planks request is not too same, due to the marine steel plank more resistant to corrosion than ordinary steel commonly, so the Marine steel plank generally choose 304 stainless steel plate, anti-corrosion performance better.
Of course in the Marine steel plank, refractory performance is also very important, these Marine steel plank to possess. And Marine steel plank also have prevent slippery, prevent sand deposition, and other functions.
The above is the performance of the Marine steel plank, the economic benefits of it is also very good, the service life of the steel board is very long, and still can be recycled after turn waste garbage, so not only save the resources, but also reduce the cost. So the Marine steel plank is very popular.
Steel planks as tools for building construction should not only have the security, also have durability. Because whether small or big buildings, is not can be built overnight, need several months or even a year or two to complete. But steel plank as working people use a tool, to walk on it every day, and the erosion by rain and snow and the sun exposure.



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