How to Maintain the Scaffolding Planks

Scaffolding planks are often used to building or construction industry, and have many different functions, mainly to a higher floor decoration and construction and erection. Rack pipe also can be used to provide construction personnel and the side of the road the pedestrian safety guarantee, peripheral security fence and high altitude installation, etc. 
And we provide scaffolding planks shelf wholesale related services, is that you can enjoy the low price and high quality scaffolding planks shelf, now let's look at how to maintain the scaffolding planks?
Rack pipe should first check whether the whole or partial vertical deviation exists, especially to check all the shelves scaffolding planks to the four corners and start breaking in two side ports have deflection and sinking. If the check to have abnormal situation, the need to reinforce organization personnel immediately.
Rack pipe shop also need to often check mat bamboo basketry and ligation points, repair article shall hamstring and empty. Even at the same time to tighten, even the wall shelf, affecting the construction should be carried out by technical departments to formulate measures shift changes, and for mobile operation will not be accepted.
Shelf scaffolding planks also need to have a careful examination of federated eye network root tie is loose and broken net twine, if appear afore-mentioned case, must immediately repair and replacement.
Clean out the material in pipe shelf dangerous position, brick, concrete block and other sundry. Supervision and pile by using personnel material, make it no more than the construction load. Scaffold for masonry, pile of bricks, for example: three layer below the line standard brick, porous brick four layer below the line. 



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