Ladder Frame Scaffolding

Ladder type frame scaffolding several big performance, specific performance as follows:
1. Reliability: the construction of the building and maintenance. The frame scaffolding full plays to the role of the framework combination, stable performance is good, aisle between the layers is very smooth, the overall structure of the solid, reliable, operating environment is neat and uniform. In order to ensure that the product used for a long time without rust, products through hot dip galvanized processing, internal and external surface, in turn, improves the corrosion resistance of the surface, prolong its service life.
2. The economy: the product with high strength steel and hot dip galvanizing technology, single light weight, economic and durable, and greatly reduces the product cost of paint for many times, thus makes use of the products cost is significantly lower.
3. Use: the product design is reasonable, convenient for transportation, storage and on-site management, for the construction site management standardization and civilization have created favorable conditions.
4. Applicability:The products are widely used in factory, stadium, exhibition center, stage, billboards, shopping mall, station, wharf, subway, shipbuilding, etc.
We should pay attention to when using some method, also must pay attention to the first set when demolition after open order. When we dismantle to adopt reliable safety measures, door frame and accessories should try to adopt mechanical lifting, high-altitude throwing is prohibited.
The scaffold in use process should be to avoid eccentric loading. In concrete, such as pump should be increases with the increasing pouring, with flat, concrete is not pushed in conveying the exit, lest produce larger pile load, and then make the shelf eccentric load; And when loading and unloading of other material is also can prevent the template support or eccentric, vibration and impact of scaffolding. 



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