Chinese economy with stand "look back"

People usually like to set a goal at start of the year,than look back to which goal was reached or which was not.In the past 2016,how about China’s expected goals?Can they stand the test of “look back”?Shinestar Steel Research Institute thinks the answer is yes according to the latest data.
In general,macroeconomic policy should focus on four goals at the same time:economic growth,full employment,price stability and international balance of payments.Accordingly,the government work report in 2016 said the main target in this year is:gross domestic product growth of 6.5% - 7%,consumer prices rose 3%,more than 10 million new jobs in cities and towns,basic balance of international payments.
According to economic growth, gross domestic product in 2016 GDP growth of 6.7% year-on-year, not only in line with expectations, and across the two mark: at one is success across 70 trillion yuan, 74.4 trillion yuan;The other one is after 2014 to us $2014, past the $11 trillion mark again this time.In addition, according to the international monetary fund estimates that India's economic growth rate in 2016 was 6.6%, lower than China.But a year ago, China's GDP growth by 6.9%, India is as high as 7.6%.This means that China's economic growth has been the first to return to the world's major economies.This "first", it is under the big idea of structure adjustment, quality priority, made the task well.
In employment ways,the new jobs in cities and towns of up to 12.49 million people in the first 11 months of 2016, the year 13 million new basic no suspense.The goal of building a town more than 10 million new jobs were not only finished ahead of schedule, and overfulfilled.In prices, consumer prices rose 2% in all the year round, full compliance with the start of "or 3% or so" target;As for the balance of payments, national safe has given the conclusion that overall improvement in cross-border capital flows, flow pressure eased, outside the main investment in China has been a net outflow from into a net.
In addition to the four major goals to finish well, the Chinese economy transcripts of many "bright eye".For example, the "three to one drop one fill results" preliminary revealed, accelerate industrial structure optimization of transformation, the new kinetic energy is more rapid growth, strategic emerging industrial added value growth of a large piece of higher than GDP growth.Shinestar group as submerged arc weld spiral welded pipe, seamless steel pipe, scaffolding prop, scaffolding, galvanized pipe and other products production services vendors, has always been positive response national policy, the future will also be going all out, to transformation and upgrading, promote the competitiveness of the enterprise.
Chinese meet difficult toil under pressure for a year, has brought the Chinese economy withstand "look back" report card.Step by step, has not come easily.Thankfully, this accomplishment this transcript is worth us to have a good collection.Shinestar group will continue to produce more and better the submerged arc weld spiral welded pipe, seamless steel pipe, stainless steel tube, scaffolding, galvanized pipe and other products, for China's economic take-off added "new wing".



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