Scaffolding Planks in Lancashire:The Factors Related to Quality of Scaffolding Planks?

  Scaffolding planks in Lancashire:What are the factors related to quality of scaffolding planks?

Scaffolding planks in Lancashire

  A: scaffolding planks material. Small steel mills and large steel production of steel hardness is substantial differences, some small steel production of steel quality can not meet the requirements, the impact of steel springboard life. But the production of steel mills have quality assurance, and production technology is relatively high. Regular scaffolding planks manufacturers to produce scaffolding springboard selection of high quality Q255 above structural steel production, World used Q235 material, product steel strong, bearing large.
  B: scaffolding planks material thickness. Thickness resolution scaffolding planks of useful life. If you are short of the duration, in 1-2 years, then you should use the plate thickness of 1.2MM plate; if you are a rental station or you need to use 6-8 years, then choose the thickness of 1.5MM it, In the control of the original data on the basis of such a thickness to meet your use.
  C: scaffolding planks technology: scaffolding planks planning and production methods have a great impact on its function, we produce scaffolding planks well planned, non-slip, fastening, and corrosion-resistant wear, easy to damage, durable, safe and reliable.



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