Hot Galvanized Scaffolding Plank Manufacturers which the Cheapest?


  Hot galvanized scaffolding plank manufacturers which the cheapest? World  is the best Choice!

  World scaffolding plank advantages:
  1. Light: high-quality galvanized sheet after punching anti-skid waterproof anti-sediment more than the effect of reducing their weight, compared to traditional wood, bamboo, steel wireboard scaffolding plank more light.
  2. Non-slip: Punching on the surface of the scaffolding plank to increase the friction, effective anti-skid.
  3. Corrosion resistance: sheet surface galvanized, can better prevent rust corrosion and so on.
  4. Fire: more difficult than the traditional scaffolding plank fire, more secure.
  5. No water is not accumulated sand: scaffolding plank surface raised punching in most of the construction environment can be a good anti-sand sand against water.
  6. High recovery value: 35% -40% after the retirement value of the recovery value



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