Advantages of Galvanized Scaffolding Plank

Advantages of Galvanized Scaffolding Plank

1. Good bearing performance. After tested by specialist, they found that on the bearing performance, galvanized scaffolding plank is much higher than the bamboo and wooden scaffolding plank. Scaffolding manufacturer World Scaffolding can manufacture high quality galvanized scaffolding plank, after testing, the largest carrying capacity of it is 600.

2. Convenient and quick installation. If the wood scaffolding plank has the same specification of the galvanized scaffolding plank, the weight of wood scaffolding plank is 1.5 times of the galvanized scaffolding plank. If it is rainy day, wood scaffolding plank will absorb water, it will be more heavy, and it will make workers easy to slip and fall. And the unique sink and punching design of galvanized scaffolding plank greatly can solve the problem of weight and prevent slippery, a worker can move 3-4, at the same time which reduces the construction safety issues under the bad weather.

3. Long service life. The service life of the wood scaffolding plank is three years, or less than three years, over this time, wood scaffolding plank will rust and can't be used. The galvanized scaffolding plank provided by World Scaffolding usually can be used more than five years. This is because the steel is more durable than wood scaffolding plank. And the steel scaffolding plank proceed hot dip galvanized processing at the same time, which greatly enhance the resistance to corrosion. Therefore, as long as the workers reasonable install without no artificial damage, The service life of the galvanized scaffolding plank will never let you down. 



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