The advantages of hot dip galvanized scaffolding plank

The advantages of hot dip galvanized scaffolding plank
1. Use of low cost: hunan hot dip galvanized steel springboard, use cost low, safety and reliability
2. Good safety performance: 1. The wooden plank easy cracking, corrosion, easy to burn, prone to accidents. Angle steel sheet is corrosion loss, hot dip galvanized steel springboard has corrosion resistance, fire, etc. 2. Our company produces the steel springboard to regulate the arrangement of convex molding hole, anti-slip coefficient is high, the effect is good. The springboard of stiffened plates on either side of the bow at the bottom of the design and strong welding more increased its strength, 3 meters long scaffolding can take 5-6 people standing at the same time and not deformation, durable.
3. Easy installation fast speed: the same scaffold board specifications, the weight of the wooden board is 1.5 2 times the weight of the steel scaffolding, and more heavy rain board after absorbing water, and extreme non-slip. Workers in construction of big, board shall be 2 men, shipment and my company produces the steel springboard for one person can take 2-4 pieces, greatly improve the working efficiency, high strength makes scaffolding tube can reduce the number of use.
4. Long service life: wooden board in the use of 3 to 5 times the turnover after use, no longer safe continuous use, stencil springboard is also bad rust easily, easy to deformation. And the intensity of hot dip galvanized steel springboard is high, no corrosion no deformation, normal life in about 6 to 8 years.
5. Management of normative: as the wooden planks, disadvantages of the stencil scaffold board and has gradually can not adapt to the scale of enterprise management mode. Use high strength steel scaffold board has become a shipbuilding enterprises at home and abroad and a trend of the construction and installation industry.



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