Why Hong Kong and Macao still use bamboo scaffolding?

Why Hong Kong and Macao still use bamboo scaffolding?
From last century 60 years earlier after fastener type steel pipe scaffold was introduced into China, bamboo scaffolding market will gradually fade out the scaffold. But now some of the construction site in Hong Kong, an outer layer or the use of bamboo scaffolding. In Hong Kong and Macao, however, like to use bamboo scaffold construction site are not rare, why in such a developed Hong Kong and Macao region there are still a lot of sites use bamboo scaffolding?
As is known to all, the current domestic construction or only some small civil construction will use the bamboo scaffolding, and there are quite a few areas there is expressly prohibited construction using bamboo wooden scaffold.
That what causes the developed Hong Kong and Macao region follow behind the bamboo scaffolding?
The author thinks that, the reason to roughly the following:
1, Hong Kong and Macao this is a long-term shortage region, the overall gap is very large, especially the scaffolding workers, lack of fresh blood, thus the scaffold structures, main is mainly good at building bamboo scaffolding worker.
After 2, bamboo scaffolding used in very low prices on someone else or directly as a garbage disposal, and don't have to be like very durable steel pipe scaffold need looking for warehouse storage, the storage land itself, and the rent of Hong Kong and Macao regions more applicable.
3, bamboo scaffolding of low cost, and is very light, and is flexible structure, for signs of problems will appear crack can be detected early, reinforcement is also very simple.
This is why the current housing projects in Hong Kong and Macao areas were with some of the reasons for the bamboo scaffolding, of course, there may be other aspects of a number of factors.
However, Hong Kong and Macao regions in the future use of bamboo scaffolding will gradually decrease.
First of all, the bamboo scaffolding exist individual differences, different regions, different years, mechanical performance of bamboo structures, it is difficult to do very standard, frame body poor stability, low security, with the rapid development of building industry, more and more strict construction, bamboo scaffold has been difficult to meet the needs of a variety of construction projects, selection is inevitable.
Second, the bamboo scaffolding inflammable, easy to corrosion, easy to cause fire or site construction safety accident, the use of additional value also is very small, repeated utilization rate is low, compared with the steel pipe scaffold repeated utilization high, bamboo scaffolding single use cost is not cheap. And bamboo scaffolding generally long in mountain, inconvenient transportation, freight will not be much cheaper than steel.
In addition, with the development of the scaffold industry, now there is a more durable than steel pipe scaffold, safer, more efficient, more economical steel quantity of new button scaffolding, its stability and bearing capacity is far better than the traditional steel pipe scaffold, the repeat utilization rate and the additional value is quite high, if the theory of the cost of a single use new button scaffolding was not much higher than the bamboo scaffolding, but can be greatly enhanced the safety of the construction, it, for the whole building industry is undoubtedly the best choice.
Along with the development of construction industry, now basic elimination, bamboo wooden scaffolding steel pipe scaffold, button scaffolding, as well as some new scaffold had good promotion, the progress of the industry, to promote product innovation, believe in the near future of Hong Kong and Macao regions will soon find a solution for solving the problems of the labor shortage and warehousing land less, gradually instead of the traditional bamboo scaffolding, enable the new type of scaffolding.



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